Taking the Necessary Planning Steps During COVID 19

We at Vimlan Tax & Sentigent Financial, hope you and your family are all staying safe during the pandemic.

These are trying times for all of us, in this country and our extended families across the world.

We look at you, as our extended family as well. Unfortunately, some of our peers, fell ill with this virus, and even more unfortunately, some have succumbed to it.

Despite what many have said or believe, this virus has not slowed down, and does not appear to be going away, even well after a vaccination has been created.

For those clients of ours who have lost someone dear to them, we have assisted with final stages and planning. We were happy to at least be there for them during their weakest moments.

We encourage everyone to take proper steps to ensure your family is protected if a loved one does succumb to this virus. These items are:

  • Creating a proper Will And / Or Trust; this includes a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney
  • Knowing what assets are owned and to be included within the will, I.E, a proper Financial Plan.
  • Having the proper amount of life insurance for the beneficiaries for any lost income and paying off leftover debt.
  • Ensuring a proper disability policy is in force as well, as many survivors of Covid are still feeling the after effects of the virus, and some are unable to perform their daily job duties.

If you, or a loved one are in need of any of these services, please contact us. There is also speculation that as there are more claims for disability and life insurance, premium rates could increase, and possibly COVID could be excluded for benefits on any new policies issued.

Please take care, and stay safe during these trying times.

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